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USDA Certified Organic. QAI has certified this product as organic. An excellent potassium source. Non-GMO Project ( has been confirmed. Apricots and nothing else. Tree-ripened uncultured, and perfectly bronzed. Nature produces fruit with great care. As a result, we don't abuse our organic apricots. We allowed them to ripen naturally in the hot Turkish sun. Most significantly, we treat them with care.  In reality, bright orange highway hazard signs are similar to bright orange dried apricots in that we prefer to avoid them. That bright color isn't natural; it suggests they've been treated with sulfur or artificial color, and we do not believe in meddling with nature's palette.


Key Ingredients: Organic Pitted Apricots.


Directions: After unpacking, reseal and refrigerate to maintain freshness.

All natural Apricot

  • Our natural dry apricots are a healthy and delicious snack that is perfect for anyone looking for a n